Please Read Carefully!

We here at Lakeside Wellness LLC hope that you have all fared well during the craziness that has ensued in the recent months.

As your Lakeside Wellness LLC practitioners began to return to work, one thing became painstakingly obvious; the concept behind our lovely coworking center wasn’t going to work for us during these tumultuous times. So, it was with a heavy heart that we decided to close the coworking/shared room rental side of the business. 

Lakeside Wellness LLC gift certificates are redeemable and available for use with Alyson Schlobohm Massage LLC (see below for contact information). Any other specials, packages or prepaid sessions are still only valid with the issuing practitioner (as shown on your voucher or receipt). Please feel free to reach out to Alyson Schlobohm with any questions.

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