On-Site Operating Instructions and Safety Suggestions

  • The front and back doors are only permitted to be unlocked during normal business hours, which are Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. When you leave the building outside of these parameters please ensure both the top and the bottom locks are locked on both the front and the back door are locked.

  • If you are there working outside of the above parameters, you can leave the deadbolt (the top lock) unlocked but the bottom “paddle” lock MUST be set to the locked position.

    • To lock the bottom lock, insert your key, turn it to the unlock position and press the paddle. The locking mechanism should appear, which means that the door will be secured behind clients as they enter and exit.

  • We also have a lockbox at the door in the back of the building to allow clients to enter and exit without our accompanying them. Our lockbox is #3, the code is 3000. Here is the link to the After Hours Building Access instructions on our website – https://lakesidewellness.net/after-hours-building-access/. The code is emailed to clients in their online scheduling confirmation email by Full Slate users.

The front door to our suite and all practitioner rooms are equipped with keyless entry, automated locks. This ensures our clients’ safety as they dress and undress. All locks within our suite are the same.

It is up to each practitioner whether or not to have the door to their rooms automatically lock behind you as you enter and exit the room.

The front door to the suite is intended to remain CLOSED but unlocked when practitioners are on-site. The door should remain closed so that we do not disturb the other businesses on our floor and vice versa.

Keeping the front door to our suite unlocked while we are there allows our clients to come in and relax if they are early for their appointments. All items and reading materials in the lobby are complimentary for all Lakeside Wellness clients.

  • The code for each door is 6924 (our street address). To enter the room simply enter the 4-digit code. You should hear a little “swish” indicating that the door is unlocked. After 5 seconds the door automatically re-locks.

  • To make it so that the lock does NOT automatically lock behind you, simply turn the lever on the INSIDE of the door. You will hear the same “swish”, which indicates that the door is unlocked and shall remain that way.

  • The automated lock makes it so that you can only open the door from the inside of the room and suite.

    • To test it, turn the lever and wait for the “swish”.

    • Once you hear that noise, try to open the door from the outside of the room or suite. The automated lock does not stop the handle from moving, it simply changes whether or not the door stopper decompresses.

  • The automated locks are battery-operated. If you enter the code and hear a series of beeps or flashing red, please call/email/text Alyson Schlobohm immediately so that I can replace the batteries.

    • Each practitioner should have received a key to your assigned room. Spare keys are kept in the storage closet within our suite as well as in the closet in the hallway outside of our suite. In the case that the batteries completely die or the beeping becomes intrusive, the key can be used to enter the room.

    • You are welcome to change the batteries yourself. Spare batteries and tools can be found in the storage closet in our suite. The instructions for changing the batteries are as follows: “To replace the battery on the Schlage FE595-CAM-ACC, you need to remove the inside handle. To do that remove the 2 screws above and below the handle. After that the 9V battery will be exposed and ready to replace. After you’ve swapped batteries reinstall the handle and make sure lock is straight before tightening the screws.”


  • Lobby Lights – operated by the light switch to the right of the front door if you’re facing the inside of the suite.

  • Practitioner Room Overhead Lights – operated by light switch inside door to each room

Each room will be equipped with a door tassel. The tassel should be kept inside the room when the room is not in use.

Each day when you begin your shift, please place the tassel on the door handle on the outside of the room. This will help to prevent another practitioner from barging in on one of your sessions since many of us will likely choose to keep the doors shut to other rooms to appear that they are in use even when they are not. 

While we prefer that the doors to each room is left open when not in use, please do NOT open the door to other rooms unless you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN it is not in use. Opening the door to someone else’s room while they are in session is completely unacceptable. 

Each practitioner room is equipped with an ionizing floor fan. We recommend keeping the fan on for both white noise and air circulation.

Please do NOT adjust the location or direction of the fan or use the oscillating (turning/moving) feature. Each fan has been strategically placed to avoid blowing air directly on you or your clients and to keep each room at the desired temperature.

However, feel free to change the intensity of the fan (there are three levels) and turn the ionizer on or off. The ionizer is on when you see the blue light at the top of the fan.

Fans should be turned off at the end of your work period.

  • Lobby Lights – operated by the light switch to your right as you enter the front door to the suite.

  • Practitioner Room Overhead Lights – operated by light switch inside door to each room except for the Green room, which does not have overhead lights. (They had to be disabled since they are shared with other offices on that floor.)

    • Desk Lamps – operated by a switch about a foot down on the cord.

    • Floor Lamps – operated by a switch about 2 feet down on the cord, okay to step on to turn off and on.

The speakers provided by Lakeside Wellness are Sonos speakers. 

There are several playlists to choose from. It’s recommended that you start the music before your first appointment so that you can adjust the volume to your preference. The volume is going to differ from playlist to playlist.

Please do NOT change the volume for any room other than your own and please be very careful adjusting the volume if someone else is in session. 

To Play Our Music Using Sonos:

  • Locate our iPad, currently located in the storage closet.

  • Push the home button at the bottom of the iPad to turn it on.











  • Enter the passcode 6924 (our street address).

  • Go to the Sonos App.








  • From there, the music may be up and ready to go. If so, just hit the right-facing triangle play button and the music should start.


  • If the music is not up and ready to go, tap the three parallel lines in the upper left-hand corner.












  • Once the menu options, choose the “Sonos Playlists” option.









  • The “play” option should appear at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Beneath the play button will be the volume control. To change the volume slide the circle to the right to increase volume or to the left to decrease. Again, please do NOT change the volume for any room other than your own and please be very careful adjusting the volume if someone else is in session. 

  • If the music is not playing in your room or the lobby, hit the arrow next to the name of the room(s) at the top of the screen.
    • On the “Group Rooms” screen, make sure there is a check mark in the circle next to your room (specified by door color).

You are welcome to use your own music, but you MUST use your own device and ENSURE that you are only changing the music for YOUR room. To play your own music from your own device please visit http://www.sonos.com/documents/productguides/en/SetupGuide_EN.pdf .

  • Building Door Locks (deadbolt and paddle, lockbox)
  • Bathroom Lights
  • Lobby Lights
  • Window Units (75 +/- during the winter, 70 +/- during the summer)
  • Door Tassels* (see below)
  • Space Heater (lobby)
  • Table Warmer
  • Desk Lamp
  • Floor Lamp
  • White Noise Machine
  • Floor Fans
  • Music

Above the door to each practitioner room is a remote-controlled light. 

To use this feature, give the remote to your clients when you leave the room to allow them to disrobe and/or get on the table. When they are ready for you to reenter, they can turn the light on, indicating that it is okay for you to come back in.

As these components are battery operated (as well as very bright), please turn the light off upon reentering the room. 

Please also feel free to allow clients to turn the light on again when they have finished redressing. 

The location of Lakeside Wellness was chosen for many reasons, one of which was the safe neighborhood and building security.

However, we value your safety and that of your clients, so below are additional safety measures that we suggest each practitioner put to use.

If ever you are concerned about a client or simply have a bad feeling about an upcoming appointment, we encourage you to check with another practitioner to try to have a safety companion on site or to bring a companion to wait in the lobby during your session. 

Here are some additional tips and suggestions to help ensure your safety:

  • Carry mace or pepper spray and keep it near you while in your room and entering/exiting the building.
  • If you are in the suite alone and want it to appear that there is someone else there, turn on the lights and music in the unused room and shut the doors to those rooms.
  • Lock the door to the suite if you are there alone. 
  • Park on the side, more well-lit area of the parking lot as opposed to the rear and use the front door to enter and exit.

If there is anything else we can do to ensure your safety and feelings of safety during your sessions, we cannot emphasize enough how much we want you to speak up.

All items in the storage closet are available for use.

  • Our water dispenser is bottom-loading, additional water jugs are in the storage closet.

    • To dispense hot water from the water dispenser, you must push the red button first. This water is very hot.

  • There are four pillows available for use but we are not responsible for ensuring they will be available at your desired time.

    • To help ensure everyone has what they need when they need, please email or text all other practitioners to let them know how many you will be using and when you will be using them.

Each practitioner is equipped with a white noise machine. Feel free to adjust the volume or change the noise to your preference.

White noise machines should be turned off at the end of your work period.

Each practitioner room is equipped with a separate heating and air conditioning unit.

  • To maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the suite we have found that it is best to turn all units to on when you arrive.

  • We have also found that the temperature is more regulated if the doors to rooms not being used are left open.

  • It takes about 20 minutes for the suite to heat up or cool down to an adequate temperature.

  • We have found that keeping the window unit to 75 degrees keeps the room at a desirable temperature (during both the summer and winter).

  • Window units should be set to 65 degrees when you depart for the day. If you turned a unit on and no one else used the room it is your responsibility to turn the unit back down. The same applies to the space heater.

2.4 G Network: Lakeside_Wellness

5 G Network: Lakeside_Wellness_5G

Wi-Fi Password: Wellness6924

Guest Wi-Fi: Lakeside_Wellness_Guest

Guest Password: Guest6924