Crystal Reiki

What is Crystal Reiki?
Well, let’s begin with ‘What is Reiki?’

Reiki is healing energy that is channeled through the hands of a Practitioner who has been attuned to channel Reiki energy by a Reiki Master. There are other forms of energy work that do use the practitioner’s own energy, however, only Reiki comes through a Reiki Practitioner’s hands. 

Reiki is the Universal Life Force, Christ Consciousness, White Light. It is pure and uncontaminated.

A person’s energy or aura can get knocked out of balance by day-to-day stress, worry, anger, even on the drive to work! etc. The soothing flow of Reiki is calming and helps bring your energy back into balance. Once you get your energetic self back in balance, the physical body is then able to follow suit. 

This is an example of our energy fields, which are in constant motion

During a Reiki session, you lie on a table same as when getting a massage, but unlike massage, you remain fully clothed. When I gently place my hands on you, you may feel a pleasantly warm sensation as the healing energy begins to flow. It usually feels stronger at first then gradually lessens with each change of the practitioner’s hand position. When energy stops flowing after a moment or two and we know that is enough for that particular area for this treatment and I move my hands to the next area and the flow begins again if that area is in disarray.

 Some people experience this energy flow as warmth, some feel a tingling sensation and some don’t feel anything – at first. If you don’t feel anything, there is no need for concern. It is still working. Our minds may take a while to recognize this new sensation.

Also during a Reiki session many people experience a new awareness. Anxieties for present or future possibilities, angst for past resentments, real or imagined fears, etc. cease to exist or control our thoughts. It is those thoughts and feelings are the cause of problems in the mind that can manifest into the physical body as disease. Fortunately, awareness of the emotional connections to disease has become much more recognized than when I began practicing Reiki 30 years ago.

Body Mind Spirit cannot be separated; they are all connected. Treating one and ignoring the others creates a tremendous imbalance and we pay for it with poor health. Reiki helps restore balance, which leads to well being on all levels.

Now for the crystals.

Crystal healing is a method of relieving physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms by placing crystals, gemstones, rocks and minerals on or near the body.

“Many explanations are offered for how crystals work, from the scientific, linking photos of light and the piezo- and pyro-electric properties of crystals, to the pseudo-new-age, catch-all “through the vibrations.” none of them matter. It is the healing effect experienced by so many people who have found improvements of their own conditions, from short-term ailments, such as colds or flu, to long term chronic illness, that offers proof of crystal healing.”      Sacred Stones and Crystals 

Crystal healing is a stand alone natural healing method.

 Reiki is a stand alone natural healing method.

When crystal healing is combined with a Reiki treatment, the results are remarkably increased. 

​Crystals or stones placed on or around the body where the energy has become stuck and stagnant gently break up and release the blockage while the Reiki creates a beautiful flow.

What to expect after a Crystal Reiki Session

Some have reported feelings of lightness, as if the weight of the world has been lifted off their shoulders. Some feel energized. Some feel nothing. One client was very, very tired afterwards and just wanted to cocoon until the next day, which was a good thing since she had released a tremendous amount of stuck energy.

Many people report an increase in mindfulness (mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which one can develop through the practice of meditation and through other training).

How it will affect you will be unique to you. It is best not to have any expectations, but simply be present and go with the flow.

Meet Your Crystal Reiki master!

"My name is Mary Lee and I am the proud mama of the proprietor of Lakeside Wellness! When my daughters were young I became interested in natural health and wellness, which unbeknownst at the time, would profoundly change our lives for the better. There wasn’t much information at time."

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