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My name is Mary Lee and I am the proud mama of the proprietor of Lakeside Wellness. When my daughters were young I became interested in healthy solutions and wellness. I studied herbs and nutrition which led to my interest in energy work. I learned that your body has an innate intelligence and will tell you everything about it, if you know how to listen. This led to my study of kinesiology, or muscle testing which is a subject I love to teach!

Always learning and exploring led me to Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is soothing and relaxing. Like homeopathy, it does no harm. Reiki heals the physical body on a different level – not quite vibrational, but similar. Reiki helps reduce stress which by itself helps the body heal. But it does more than that. Regular Reiki sessions show marked improvement in all kinds of physical conditions.

I became certified in Reiki in 1989 and became a Reiki Master in 2000. I believe energy and vibrational medicine is the medicine of the future.

“Some things in life cannot be explained. While I’m sure that someone can explain the benefits of Reiki better than me, I can certainly speak for its results. Even though I’m a little biased since Reiki Master Mary Lee is my Mother, I cannot speak highly enough about the work that she’s done for me, even from afar.

When I first began practicing massage, I went from doing a couple of massages a week to four or five a day. Needless to say, the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome hit hard. On top of that, I damaged the muscles and ligaments around the joint of my right thumb; on a good day, I could straighten my thumb past a 90 degree angle, on most days that’s as good as it was going to get. Doctors told me my thumb was permanently damaged.

I told my Mom about my issues and she went to work. It took some time (let’s give her some credit here, she was in Charleston, SC at the time!), but after a while my hand was 100% back to normal.”

-Alyson Schlobohm via


“I’ve had several reiki sessions with Reiki Master Mary Lee. She is knowledgeable and very comfortable to be around.  It’s very relaxing and therapeutic – I can feel the energy in some of the areas she concentrates on.  She always “finds” my trouble spots without my having to say anything.”

-Sara H. via


“I had my first session with Mary Lee from River City Reiki yesterday and really felt a need to write a review in support of her.  I was warmly welcomed and was instantly at ease and comfortable.  Mary Lee answered all  my questions (I had quite a few) in a kind and helpful manner without making me feel ignorant or silly.  I found her to be quite intuitive during my session.  With very little information about me she could ‘tell’ what I needed.  I left feeling balanced and calm.  Today I still feel calm but also have more energy then I have had in a long time (with no coffee!).  I cannot wait for my next session.”

-Colleen F. via


“This was my first exposure to Reiki, and I’m so glad I found Mary Lee.  Her warm personality instantly made me comfortable and the session was extremely enjoyable and relaxing.  I’m sure everyone will experience reiki differently, but I left refreshed with a renewed sense of peace and wellbeing.  I look forward to incorporating reiki from Mary Lee into my self-maintenance regimen.

Mary Lee has been absolutely instrumental in the development of my intuition and I can genuinely say that I am living my life more fully thanks to her wisdom, honesty, and kindness. I have taken her class on dowsing, received a house blessing, and received my level 1 and 2 Reiki attunements from Mary Lee. These experiences have been nothing short of life changing. Most recently, I completed the level 2 Reiki attunement. I financially didn’t know how I’d make it work but I went ahead and just charged it on my credit card because I strongly felt that the weekend of the International Day of Peace and Autumn Equinox was too perfect to pass up. I somehow knew that the money part would work itself out. The whole weekend was awesome – I learned so much about how to more effectively help others and have since applied these new techniques with incredible success.  And now here I am, a couple weeks later. I have just learned that I have been awarded a significant bonus at my job that more than covers the cost of the attunement.  This is not a coincidence. Thank you, Mary Lee, for helping me see the universal support that surrounds all of us!

-Kat R. via

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