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Mary Lee

Reiki Master, Crystals

Meet Mary

My name is Mary Lee and I am the proud mama of the proprietor of Lakeside Wellness! When my daughters were young I became interested in natural health and wellness, which unbeknownst at the time, would profoundly change our lives for the better. There wasn’t much information at time and there was no internet. Tofu was completely unheard of, so I began making my own (I don’t touch the stuff now, but everyone has to start somewhere). I studied everything I could find on natural health and healing modalities. I had no clue that I was taking the first of many steps on a magnificent journey that continues to this day. 

This search led me to the awareness that our body has an innate intelligence that is continuously sending us signals and will tell us everything about it, if we know how to listen. This innate intelligence – that we all have within ourselves – is a form of energy. 

Everything is made up of energy. Actually, everything is energy – from the thoughts you think to the densest material on the planet: it’s all energy in different forms. And it all affects us every single day. Some of that energy is our own and some is from external sources. We get so used to these energies, we may not recognize the effects until they become extreme.

In the late 1980s I began hearing words like auras and chakras. These were new and mysterious. I had to find out more, so I began reading everything I could find about them and let me tell you, there wasn’t much at that time! Crystals were in the few metaphysical stores that began popping up around Richmond. I was drawn to them (the stores and the crystals) like iron to a magnet and began buying a few crystals whenever one caught my attention here and there. At that time I didn’t know why or what to do with them. 

At this point I have to pause and say, “Always listen to your intuition. Trust that little voice/feeling/hunch even (and maybe especially) when it doesn’t make much sense.” I’m glad I did and still do – most of the time. Some of my crystals have been with me for over 30 years.

A friend suggested I attend a Reiki workshop in 1990. I did and I was hooked! Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that works with soothing healing energy. By the end of the year I had completed Level I and Level II and started a Reiki practice. I found that in addition to helping the body heal, clients noticed a marked relief in their stress levels. In 2000 I became a Reiki Master and have attuned many others.

My journey continues to this day. I will never stop learning and searching. It’s just not in my nature to stop learning as long as I’m still breathing.


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Call or Text: (804) 836-9858
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6924 Lakeside Avenue, Suite 306
Henrico, Virginia 23228

Reiki with Crystals: One Hour

$ 75