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All rent payments are due by 5 p.m. on the 5th of the month – at the very latest. If you submit a payment any time after 5 on the 5th, please include the 10% (of your rent) late fee.

Please remember that it is up to each individual to ensure that the space you are using meets your and your clients’ standards of cleanliness. The linens we use for the practitioner tables throw around a LOT of dust, even in to the lobby. Remember, dust may not bother you, but if you put yourself in your clients’ shoes, it could be a different story. They’re walking in to a WELLNESS clinic that appears to be unclean and that can be a little off-putting. (I may even put up a few signs that say something to the effect of “Please pardon our dust” b/c it is SO hard to keep up with). The storage benches, consultation desks, even the wheels of the stools and the floor fans can end up with a pretty thick layer of this debris. 
There is a carpet sweeper in the storage closet if you notice the floors are dirty and don’t want to run the full vacuum, there is a dumpster outside of the building (in the far left corner if you’re facing the back parking lot), don’t be afraid to use them!

Shoes are required for any space outside of the classroom – this goes for teachers and students alike. 

Teachers – please make sure your students are aware of this change. Shoes can be placed in the back little lobby area or underneath the bench in the classroom.

Reminder to submit ALL requests, in writing, via email. Please do not text or verbalize important items or to-dos.

All keys for retail items, the cash envelope and the white storage cabinet are located on the green carabiner (the big hook thing, as I like to call it) in the drawer of the desk in the lobby. Each key is labeled to match its “owner”. 

The keys to the doors of each room are also kept in this drawer. If you ever unable to get in to your room with the use of the keypad, use the key and let Alyson know immediately of the keypad malfunction.

There is a locked cash envelope in the top drawer of the locked gray filing cabinet next to the white desk in the lobby. (Yes, I realize this is a bit excessive but there are many times when the lobby is wide open and unattended.) It is recommended that you have your own cash bank, but this one is here in case you don’t and a client wants to pay with cash.

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