Licensed Massage Therapist Evan Hart

Licensed Massage Therapist

Evan Hart

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Hi, I’m Evan.  I became a massage therapist in 2017 after graduating from Lotus School of Integrated Professions.  I’ve been practicing massage ever since and have loved the opportunity to help all the clients I’ve worked with.  

After spending 10+ years working various accounting and finance jobs I decided to change my path.  In 2010 I started seeing a massage therapist/reiki practitioner and I watched as over the years my social anxiety and depression faded away and I came more into my authentic self.  In seeing the power of touch and wanting to find more purpose in my life, I decided to become a massage therapist and help others on their healing journeys.

Along with massage, I’m also passionate about table tennis.  I play competitive tournaments around the country and also coach players locally.  I recently had the opportunity to live in Portugal and train at an academy for over two months.  

With my varied interests, I enjoy approaching massage from different angles and tailoring my massage best to meet my client’s goals.  Being an athlete I enjoy practicing sports and deep tissue massage along with assisting clients with healing from pain due to muscular dysfunction.  I also enjoy working with clients who are on a path of healing who see massage as a good compliment to that.  Or maybe you just need a safe, quiet space from the stress in your life to relax.  I’m happy to provide a massage that is in line with your needs.

In my free time I enjoy practicing yoga and meditation, playing golf, as well as diving into anything that has to deal with personal growth and self development.​

Thursdays – 3 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Fridays – Afternoon/Evenings (Please Contact for Availability)

Saturday – Please Contact for Availability

Evan is incredibly talented and relieved stress and tension I’ve carried in my neck and shoulders for years!  I can actually rotate my neck 360 now after only 2 massages without hearing any cracks/pops.  He is quite gifted in his technique and his massages are very calming and grounding.  10/10 best massage I’ve received, highly recommend!

 – Ameilia H.

Easily the best massage I have ever had. Kudos to Evan for being a thoughtful and attentive massage therapist. Thanks, Evan!

– Nick G.

“Evan truly has a gift and an innate way of understanding exactly what his clients need. I went to him when my usual issues flared up (tightness all along my right side, to the point of tingling/numbness down my leg) and, like most people, I had waited until it was pretty bad!

Evan was very thorough with his intake and also asking about my level of comfort with his working on some of the areas – I had mentioned an old pec/rib injury that was often the culprit in causing my entire right side to hurt. Being that he’s a male therapist and I’m a female, it was very important to him that he never crossed any boundaries or worked anywhere that might make me uncomfortable. He even checked in throughout the massage to make sure everything was still good.

One of the things that impressed me the most about Evan’s massage is the fact that it was NOT excruciatingly painful like so many of us feel a massage has to be in order to be effective – AND it WAS extremely effective! I normally don’t feel the amazing effects of a good massage until the day after the massage itself, so I was shocked when I got off the table and felt the immediate benefits – my right side was FINE!

If you’re in pain and looking for a great massage without being in MORE pain the entire time, Evan’s your guy!”

-Aly S. via Yelp

“I’ve specifically asked for Evan back at another establishment and can say that he is an excellent MT. Love how he communicates and check in with you throughout the session so that you will end up with the best experience and coming out feeling much better.

I’ve gotten deep tissue work with him and he is one the best MTs I’ve had for this technique. He definitely how’s how to apply pressure and hits all the hot spots that need the work. His flow and timing is very well practiced and if need be, he will stay on an area that needs more work without making any other parts feel neglected to compensate, which is greatly appreciated.

5 stars, and if I lived in the area, would definitely be booked reguarlar with him.”

-Samanta C. via Yelp