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Licensed Massage Therapist

Alyson Schlobohm

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Hi! My name is Alyson Schlobohm and I am a licensed, certified and insured Massage Therapist. I attended American Institute of Massage in 2009 and received my certification through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in 2010. I am licensed through the Virginia Board of Nursing.

I currently live in Henrico with my husband, two dogs and two cats. I left a well-paying corporate job in 2009 to pursue massage therapy and I still say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

When I entered the massage program at American Institute of Massage here in Richmond, Virginia, I had actually never had a professional massage before. Crazy, I know. It was simply something I knew in my gut I would be passionate about and love.

However, I had no idea at the time how truly wonderful therapeutic massage is. I have discovered that my true passion lies in deep tissue, therapeutic massage. I love working with someone to help alleviate his or her pain. I also understand that each individual is different, and I work hard to ensure that your sessions reflect that. I recommend regimens and plans specific to your needs, but always allow you the freedom to choose what is best for you.

I encourage questions so please feel free to ask away! I look very forward to meeting and working with you.

“When getting a massage I pretty much always get a deep tissue massage but no matter how much people assured me they can really get down and in there I couldn’t find what I wanted in RVA until I found Aly.

She has a tiny stature, and at first glance you wouldn’t think her hands are as powerful as they are.  But man can she make it hurt so good.

This last visit I asked for a more relaxing full body massage instead of my deep tissue, and she graciously obliged.

Here is my conundrum with giving her a great review- she deserves every bit of praise everyone gives her, but I don’t want her getting any busier…. 🙁 …selfish, I know!
Call he and make an appointment, just not the one I was about to make.”

– Tawheed H. via Yelp

“With a long history of back pain due to car accidents and sports injuries, massage has been a critical part of managing my pain. Prior to seeing Aly, the most effective massage treatment for my pain had been an Chinese technique called tui na massage which while very helpful was quite expensive. Over the years I have seen other massage therapists seeking deep tissue massage that would compare to the tui na massages I found so effective. None came close, until I went to Aly. Aly was able to identify the points in my glutes, lower back and shoulders that were causing me tension and pain and truly work the muscles. The massage was painful but I could tell it was actually working the areas that were causing me pain. I woke up the next morning actually sore from the massage but could feel that the tension was releasing. I highly recommend Aly particularly if you are looking for an intense massage.”

-Katharine S. via Yelp

“The best, period.  My girlfriend and I have been coming to Aly for a few years now, and it’s always an amazing treat and experience.  She’s extremely knowledgeable, and makes excellent recommendations on the type of massage for you and how to incorporate things in your daily routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As far as the massage and technique/pressure is concerned, I’m pretty sure she’s psychic because whatever she does is always exactly what my body needs.

My recommendation – book early, as Aly’s schedule fills up far in advance and she has a strong client base.

Unfortunately for me, I live in Northern VA so I have a hard time finding a slot that works for me, but when I see one I certainly jump on it.  All it takes is one session with her, after you will realize why Aly’s schedule fills up.”

-Chau N. via Yelp

“Aly is an amazing massage therapist. I love that she sits down with you before and after your massage to discuss what you have going on, where you want to focus and the pressure you prefer. I’ve been seeing Aly regularly for over a year and after every massage I feel better, I’ve never had less than an amazing experience. I’m a personal trainer, yoga and pilates instructor. On top of having an active job, I regularly workout. Whether I’m sore and need a release or have a pounding head ache, Aly knows what it takes to make me feel better.

I’ve sent many clients to Aly for a wide variety of aches and pains. Each client has reported back with glowing reviews and many have become regular clients. Massage therapist seem to pop up everywhere but Aly is one in a million.”

-Jaclyn F. via Yelp

I had a great experience today with Alyson! She was kind and professional. She asked about my expectations and needs before we began. She then went over the massage afterwards to point out things she noticed and to give me advice about posture. The ambiance in her studio was great. Alyson also doesn’t talk during the massage, which I appreciate. She was all about me relaxing, zoning out and enjoying my relaxation. Thanks for a great massage, Alyson! I’ll be back!

-Linda K. via Yelp

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30 Minute Massage – $50

45 Minute Massage – $65

60 Minute Massage – $85

75 Minute Massage – $95

90 Minute Massage – $120

*120 Minute Massage* – $200 (Not available for new clients)

Monday – Thursday 1 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Fridays 11a.m. – 4 p.m.