Owner and Massage Therapist, Alyson Schlobohm, and Yoga Instructor, Brian McBride, at Richmond's Peace Love RVA Yoga Festival 2018.

Lakeside Wellness is A Proud Member of the Lakeside and Richmond Communities


Lakeside Wellness is a proud member of the Lakeside Business Association. We are always looking for opportunities to meet our neighbors and support other local businesses, schools and charities.

We proudly donate to as many organizations as we can in effort to support local, get in to our community and educate as many people as we can. Some of our favorite organizations to donate to are the Richmond SPCA, Mary Munford Elementary School, Amy’s Army of Cancer Warriors, Style Weekly, Women, Wine and Shoes, Peace Love RVA Yoga Festival and, well, just about anything we’re asked!

Do you have a volunteer opportunity or donation request? It doesn’t hurt to ask – we’ll do the best that we can!

We are Committed to Excellence

Lakeside Wellness is devoted to educating Richmonders about alternative wellness and how it can help you reduce chronic pain and illness, manage stress and improve wellbeing. We are a committed group of practitioners who work closely with our clients to answer questions, guide you and recommend all that we feel will benefit you – and that sometimes means outsourcing.

Our doors are open, our phones are ready and we’re here to answer questions when you have them – call now! 


Personalized, One-On-One Service

Lakeside Wellness is Richmond’s premier alternative wellness collaborative. Our unique business model was designed to cut out the middle (wo)man and put you directly in touch with the practitioner(s) that you will be working with. We are a team of committed and united independent business owners working together to bring you a world of alternative healing, all under one roof.



Lakeside Wellness' classroom is everyone's favorite! Currently used for yoga and Wellness Wednesdays, stay tuned for couples's sessions!
One of our tranquil massage, acupuncture and Reiki rooms.
Come relax in our warm and cozy lobby!

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