Kendra Wells

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner

Meet Kendra

In technical terms Kendra Wells is an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner with certifications in Life Coaching and Hypnosis, she is also a Reiki Master. She graduated from the Somatic Therapy program at Roane State Community College in 2004 and practiced massage therapy until 2018. She completed the Healing Arts Practitioner program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in February 2018, in which her focus was Life Coaching and Hypnosis.

Although Kendra’s official titles are that of Life Coach, Hypnotist, and Reiki Master she finds herself in a space of integrating each of these aspects into a wider scope of guiding others to delve deep within to uncover the answers in which they seek. Kendra is lead by a deep desire to help awaken each Soul to their very purpose by helping them reach into the depths of Self and recognize, visit with, acknowledge, and release any limiting thoughts, beliefs, and/or experiences that may be keeping them from living from a space of pure Soul essence.

Through her very own continued experiences with doing inner work and navigating through dark nights of the Soul, Kendra has an understanding of what Spiritual awakening/remembering potentially looks/feels like and she is passionate about helping others work through, overcome and slay the dragons they may face when it comes to stepping further into their truth, purpose, and passion. 

Her sole intention is to provide a safe and nurturing space for all those who seek stepping into living life from a place of Soul passion and purpose, so that deep healing and transformation can be met and lived fully.

Transformational Soul Guidance was born from the notion and deeper knowing that everyone holds within them the answers they seek and through facing our inner dragons, doing the work, and healing from the inside out one can fully embrace and live the life they have always envisioned for themselves. Kendra is motivated and driven to help you re-awaken to your truth and the Divine essence of your Soul mission so that you can begin living your life on purpose with purpose. For a consultation and/or Transformational Soul Guidance session contact Kendra Wells at 865-809-8631,, or schedule online here.

About Kendra's Services

The path of life is scattered with a vast array of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, how to’s, should’s, should not’s, etc., etc., that we tend to pick up along the way and carry as our own. As we pick up and tightly grasp all of these outside influences, perceptions, happenings, and idealistic notions of who we are and how we should or shouldn’t be we slowly loose sight of who, what, and why our very own Souls chose this human vessel in this particular time and space. Yes, every experience you have faced has helped to shape who you are. What Transformational Soul Guidance does is help you examine, work through, and release all that no longer aligns with your Soul level truth and helps you remember who you truly, Soulfully are, why you are here, and what you choose to do with and learn from each and every one of the experiences life has placed before you.

The vision and purpose behind Transformational Soul Guidance is to create a safe and sacred space for you to feel safe and at ease as you navigate through overcoming obstacles that may be keeping you from living your best life possible. Please know that you are not alone on your journey, you don’t have to face these inner battles alone, you don’t have to face yourself alone. Transformational Soul Guidance is to help you reignite the hope, courage, and strength within so that you can break free and truly remember who YOU are; so that you can break through, shed the illusion and re-connect with your Soul; so that you no longer have to pretend to be ok, perfect, and just settle for an ok existence. It is to help you remember you, remember how to embrace yourSelf, accept yourSelf, love yourSelf, to be fully and unapologetically the truest essence of YOU!

It is super important that this be expressed and understood, no one can heal and remember you but you. Transformational Soul Guidance is just that, guidance to help you along your Soul journey, to help shed light on where and what may be causing blocks and disturbances, to help you tap into what you are desiring to overcome and the actions that are needed for you to take in order to connect with and live the life you may feel is just out of reach. All of those answers are found within you, they come from your Soul, no one else’s, yours and yours alone.

And because I just can’t resist…

“You’ve always had the Power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

~ Glinda ~ The Wizard of Oz

~Transformational Soul Guidance Sessions~

Initial Consultation – $44 (30 minutes)

This is where we get to know each other and decide if Transformational Soul Guidance is what you are seeking and if you feel I can be of help to you along your path of transformation.

Single Session – $77 (60 minutes)

This is where we begin to dive deeper into what you are desiring to look at, navigate through, and what actions are needed to be taken in order to begin and implement your transformational journey of living your best life.

Consultation + Session – $111 (90 minutes)

If after the initial consult a decision to further work together has been made we can combine the initial consultation and first session for a same day, 90 minute session.

Buy More and SAVE!

One of the keys to Transformation is consistency; sign up for a Transformational Soul Guidance package and receive either FOUR weekly sessions or TWO bi-weekly sessions for less! PLUS, you will receive free access to monthly group support gatherings – all for only $288 each month for weekly sessions or $144 each month for bi-weekly sessions.*

*Price does not reflect the $44 Initial Consultation fee for new clients.

30 minute session – $44
60 minute session – $77
90 minute session – $111

Initial intake session (90 minutes) – $111

60 minute session – $77

Contact Kendra

Call or Text: (865) 809-8631
Sunday 1:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Tuesday 1:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Thursday 1:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday 1:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.
6924 Lakeside Avenue, Suite 306
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