The Age of Information

The Age of Information

Licensed Massage Therapist Evan Hart

We are living in seemingly crazy times right now relative to what we have seen in our lifetime previous to this new “age of information”. I hope most of us can agree that the world needs healing right now on a global level. Our world seems to be showing us that our systems are outdated and are ripe for a reboot. Within many spiritual communities and so called “new age” circles the year 2012 marked a precipice in our world’s evolution. The m­­uch spoken of Mayan calendar marked this time as a shift into a new cycle. Supposedly our planet was moving through a part of the galaxy in which the energies we experienced would be of a higher frequency and time would speed up. This is also known as the precession of the equinoxes. One galactic cycle was coming to a close and a new paradigm was being ushered in. What an exciting time to be alive…if you believe in these types of things or at least want to entertain them.

But for those who were open to the idea or believed in it fervently, they may look around and observe the chaos and ask, “where is this golden age that has been forecasted?”

However, we may be short sighted and lack a certain understanding when viewing the happenings through this lens. Alas we live in a world of Amazon Prime, Netflix binging and wholesale instant gratification. It seems many believe that with these shifts there will be an instant flash of light and all will be changed and healed immediately.

This would be the equivalent of us going into a massage, energy work, yoga class, etc. expecting the same instant change, which does occur but cannot be expected. When in doubt I think it’s safe to observe nature and nature always involves a process of unfoldment. The seed is planted, and it must be tended to before it grows into what it shall be.

A characteristic of cycles is that the old cycle must break down for the new cycle to be birthed. On a social, economic and political scale we see chaos, upheaval and breakdown and think we’re on the road to hell. There is a biblical quote referring to the process of transformation that goes something like this, ‘every plant not planted by my Father will be uprooted’. In essence, any impurities that don’t harmonize with the new structure must be removed and that isn’t necessarily a smooth process. Patterns are established for years and trying to reverse them will assuredly throw the system into some sort of dysfunction for a period of time. Another ripe metaphor would be the beautiful lotus flower growing out of the mud. We must first know darkness to appreciate the light. That darkness engulfing our world is hopefully forcing us to move toward the light. In biblical terms, “the road to heaven is through hell.”

And so the point here is that we do seem to be entering the new age that has been spoken of by many an ancient civilization. It seems that us as individuals and our planet are collectively evolving. We are coming into an awareness of who we are at a deeper level. Or at least we have the CHOICE as to whether we want to cooperate and co-create with these forces or we can continue in our old unsustainable ways and go the way of the dodo. We can choose to focus on the negative and the chaos we see on the news or we can go inside, tune in and see where we can heal and begin to function more true to our nature.

So the hope is that we can see self work as purposeful and find the enjoyment in it despite its inherent difficulty that sees us changing the old programs we unconsciously run on. And despite it being an individual effort, we can’t simply rely on ourselves. There is no lifting one’s self up by their own boot straps. Or as Einstein said, “significant problems cannot be solved with the same thinking with which we created them”. We need to find a deeper aspect within ourselves and we need help from our community, our friends, our family, those who we associate with who have the same goals as us and those teachers who have walked that path and gone through the darkness and came out the other side.

We do the work and we read books, we attend lectures, we get massage or energy work, or life coaching and so on.

And so for those that don’t want to accept the outer conditions of instability and chaos around them and want to grow and develop, we are living in seemingly the best time. The friction that has been produced on a grand scale has forced new teachings to arise to assist us in our healings.

That friction is duality at work and each side or polarity is seeking a state of balance or oneness. With that we find science and spirituality are finally coming together. What was always seemingly at odds has now come to a point of a harmonic marriage. Scientists always wanted proof and spirtualists or metaphysicians often were put off by materialist science as they looked for the answers “out there”. Religion has shown to be futile in its approach while the old science does not account for the world as an energetic system that is continually changing. Simply put, we live in a quantum world and we can no longer bury our heads in the sand. Both sides have proved dogmatic and thus static which cannot be congruent with our dynamic reality.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has been on the forefront of this new science for years. Only now does it seem that his message is resonating and people are starting to listen. He has quite the story of healing fractured vertebrae where he was told he would likely be wheelchair ridden the rest of his life. Essentially, he manifested a functional, healthy spine through visualizing it and feeling what it would be like before the healing had occurred.

It does indeed seem fantastical to someone only familiar with the modern science that has been taught in schools. But everyday people are healing chronic conditions using his methods. Conditions like autoimmune disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons as well blindness are simply going away with this work. So called miracles are now happening regularly through focused intention and feeling into wholeness.

So what can we learn and how can we implement his findings in our lives if we have any type of health condition?

The key seems to get to a place where we emotionally can feel that we are ALREADY healed. We often hear people say that conditions such as heart disease, cancer, etc. are hereditary and so they feel they are doomed to this destiny. The science is now showing that genes can be turned on and off due to behavior and reactions to the environment. Essentially genes can be down and upregulated.

Dispenza and his team of scientists are able to measure fields of energy and perform brain scans. Through these scans, they’ve found that the heart field is exponentially more powerful than the brain. And thus, they’ve found healing through thinking is much slower than healing through feeling. First, we must open the heart and by doing so we can create coherence with the brain. Once the heart and brain are coherent, so called mystical experiences occur sending us into much higher frequencies than we are used to functioning in during our daily lives. This is where the healing occurs.

So no longer can we say that we are victims of our circumstances. At a deep level we are CREATORS of our lives. The choices we make affect our futures and our health and wellness. This is why the placebo effect works upwards of 70% in double blind studies. Our minds can heal any condition if we are disciplined and focused enough while being willing to open up and let go of past emotions that no longer serve us. It sounds fantastical but it seems we should be moving our thinking more in line to see this simply as the way things are.

As I said we can’t expect a spontaneous healing especially if this way of thinking is new to us. But I hope this may assist in shifting our awareness on some level. To possibly start with a small shift, next time you go into your massage or healing session see if you can focus on your breathing and get into a state of feeling. Focus your energy around your heart and see if you can feel into the field of energy surrounding it. Don’t think as if the work is being done to you but approach it as if you are inherently the healer and that your practitioner is assisting or co-piloting with you. If you feel comfortable, see if you can let go of stuck emotions that you feel are weighing you down. And maybe from there you will feel comfortable to start a practice of meditation or just being with yourself. Feel what you feel and don’t judge it, relax and release.

In closing, I think we can all agree that as a society we generally have become afraid of pain and discomfort. Life inherently is difficult and will bring its share of pain. To know pleasure we must experience pain. Emotions and feeling have in some ways seemingly been vilified, especially for men. But to be human means to think and feel, without this we are merely automatons. There is an element uncertainty in life, we don’t know what to expect next. Without this life seems pointless. If we knew what is happening next there would be no excitement and no chance to learn and grow. So I think we should embrace this part of our essence. And through embracing the unknown, this is where the magic happens. Afterall, the healing is in the feeling.

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