Better Sleep – Naturally.

Better Sleep – Naturally.

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By Alyson Schlobohm

Did you go to bed exhausted, pass out before your head hit the pillow, then toss and turn all night long?

Do you find that you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow but then you wake up randomly throughout the night, lying in bed, staring at the dark?

Does it seem as though you can never quite “turn off your brain”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading! (And if you said “no” to all of them, well, then you’re a lucky soul…)

Unfortunately for me, I am a self-proclaimed terrible sleeper.

I know too well the lack of sleep fogginess, feeling “dumb” the next day, having difficulty focusing or completing tasks – yikes, I’m starting to sound like a depression commercial!

But those of you who can relate know how frustrating this can be. Lucky for you, I’m also a self-proclaimed “fixer” and I’ve tried everything under the sun to maintain my sleep quota – especially because I’m a monster when I don’t get enough zzzz’s – so read on, and rejoice in some GOOD news!

What Helps ME Sleep At Night:

  • A White Noise Machine or Air Purifier. I like an air purifier that sounds similar to a 1970’s window unit. Seriously, I looked for an air purifier with the worst reviews when my original inherited Honeywell crapped out and was not disappointed by those who complained about how loud it was.
  • A Humidifier or Dehumidifier. Depending on your allergy/sinus/congestion/breathing issues, you want to invest in a humidifier or Dehumidifier. If you’re dry and stuffy, a humidifier may be the way to go. Sprinkle a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in there for some extra olfactory love. If you’re allergic to molds and mildew, make sure to suck some of the extra moisture out of the air with a Dehumidifier!
  • Leave Your Cell in the Living Room and Avoid Neon Lights. Unplug for a bit. Read a book right before bedtime instead of scrolling through Facebook. Turn your alarm clock AWAY from your line of vision. If you don’t believe how much this can affect your sleep, try sleeping without it!
  • Invest in a Buffy Comforter. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortably hot, sticking your leg out from under the covers only to find that then you’re too cold, or breaking out in cold sweats throughout the night. I grew up on down comforters, but I’m a eucalyptus girl these days!
  • Invest in A Tri-Core Pillow. These pillows help to alleviate neck, shoulder and back pain and, though they don’t advertise it, they help to prevent me from that awful night-clenching.

And, finally:

  • Get Your Hands on Some Procera Sleep and Quietude (now available for sale at Lakeside Wellness!)I’ve tried them all. From melatonin to valerian root to chamomile tea, they’ve all been on my nightstand at some point over the years. Many helped, but even when they did the help was only temporary. When I was literally ready to find a doc who would prescribe me Ambien, I was fortunate enough to find Procera and Quietude – as well as a peaceful night’s sleep!

Don’t worry. If it’s not in your budget to spend a ton of money on all of these different products right now, here are some other things that have helped me:

  • Exercise regularly. When I don’t “sweat out the crazy”, as I like to say to my husband, I’m more likely to toss and turn and wake up all night long.
  • Try some breathing exercises or meditation. These also worked for a long time but became less effective when my brain over-powered them. Even if it means bring ye old phone in to your bedroom, try some of the meditative apps as well – there are many free ones!
  • Keep a book on your nightstand. Even a Kindle, with the light setting kept very dim, works for me.

And don’t forget (unapologetic plug-in here):

All of the wellness services at Lakeside Wellness are geared towards stress relief and improved physical well-being!

When your Lakeside Wellness practitioners talk about “well-being”, we are referring to mental, physical, spiritual, mindful and holistic well-being. We work diligently to help you release your mind, body and soul from negativity, both mental and physical. Holding on to such negativity can impact your sleep – in, obviously, a negative way!

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