Wellness Coaching

How would it feel to live each day with joy, purpose and hope? Whether your obstacles in life are physical, relationships, financial, stress related or career, taking control and finding your own path to enjoying a fulfilled life is totally available; you have come to the right place to be empowered.


Wellness coaching brings a whole new meaning to the term “coach”. Unlike traditional sports coaches or even less-traditional coaches such as physical and mental therapists, wellness coaches work with you less to “correct” things in your life and more to focus on the positive aspects of what exists in your life.

Most wellness coaches will choose from a wide variety of available techniques and concepts to work with you on many different levels; mental, physical and spiritual.


Wellness coaching can help you:

Move past “feeling stuck”

Increase confidence and self-esteem

Improve your self-care techniques

Decrease stress

Gain clarity and insight

Provide support and accountability for action steps

Improve interpersonal relationships

Attain career goals

Improve parenting skills and family challenges

Make powerful and lasting changes

Meet Your Wellness Coach

Carla Geddes

Since setting out on my own as a young adult, I've been a seeker, passionate to find answers to my own health and life challenges utilizing natural approaches. My quest has brought me to focus on the areas of personal development, spirituality and many of the alternative healing practices.