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Practitioner-Specific Reviews

“When getting a massage I pretty much always get a deep tissue massage but no matter how much people assured me they can really get down and in there I couldn’t find what I wanted in RVA until I found Aly.

She has a tiny stature, and at first glance you wouldn’t think her hands are as powerful as they are.  But man can she make it hurt so good.

This last visit I asked for a more relaxing full body massage instead of my deep tissue, and she graciously obliged.

Here is my conundrum with giving her a great review- she deserves every bit of praise everyone gives her, but I don’t want her getting any busier…. 🙁 …selfish, I know!
Call he and make an appointment, just not the one I was about to make.”

– Tawheed H. via Yelp


“With a long history of back pain due to car accidents and sports injuries, massage has been a critical part of managing my pain. Prior to seeing Aly, the most effective massage treatment for my pain had been an Chinese technique called tui na massage which while very helpful was quite expensive. Over the years I have seen other massage therapists seeking deep tissue massage that would compare to the tui na massages I found so effective. None came close, until I went to Aly. Aly was able to identify the points in my glutes, lower back and shoulders that were causing me tension and pain and truly work the muscles. The massage was painful but I could tell it was actually working the areas that were causing me pain. I woke up the next morning actually sore from the massage but could feel that the tension was releasing. I highly recommend Aly particularly if you are looking for an intense massage.”

-Katharine S. via Yelp


“The best, period.  My girlfriend and I have been coming to Aly for a few years now, and it’s always an amazing treat and experience.  She’s extremely knowledgeable, and makes excellent recommendations on the type of massage for you and how to incorporate things in your daily routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As far as the massage and technique/pressure is concerned, I’m pretty sure she’s psychic because whatever she does is always exactly what my body needs.

My recommendation – book early, as Aly’s schedule fills up far in advance and she has a strong client base.

Unfortunately for me, I live in Northern VA so I have a hard time finding a slot that works for me, but when I see one I certainly jump on it.  All it takes is one session with her, after you will realize why Aly’s schedule fills up.”

-Chau N. via Yelp


“Aly is an amazing massage therapist. I love that she sits down with you before and after your massage to discuss what you have going on, where you want to focus and the pressure you prefer. I’ve been seeing Aly regularly for over a year and after every massage I feel better, I’ve never had less than an amazing experience. I’m a personal trainer, yoga and pilates instructor. On top of having an active job, I regularly workout. Whether I’m sore and need a release or have a pounding head ache, Aly knows what it takes to make me feel better.

I’ve sent many clients to Aly for a wide variety of aches and pains. Each client has reported back with glowing reviews and many have become regular clients. Massage therapist seem to pop up everywhere but Aly is one in a million.”

-Jaclyn F. via Yelp


I had a great experience today with Alyson! She was kind and professional. She asked about my expectations and needs before we began. She then went over the massage afterwards to point out things she noticed and to give me advice about posture. The ambiance in her studio was great. Alyson also doesn’t talk during the massage, which I appreciate. She was all about me relaxing, zoning out and enjoying my relaxation. Thanks for a great massage, Alyson! I’ll be back!

-Linda K. via Yelp

Restless Leg Syndrome

“I have had restless legs for over 20 years. But I also had sinus problems, high blood pressure, back pain and real issues with my weight. Debi’s treatment and has CHANGED my life. By taking advantage of acupuncture and nutritional counseling, I have been able to stop 5 of 7 prescriptions. My blood pressure is now normal. My sinus problems are gone. After participating in her cleanse program, I have lost 14 bounds and feel so much better. Thank you!” – Jeanine


Sleep, Hormonal Imbalance

“When I first started seeing Debi, I was dealing with a wide array of issues. I was always exhausted, even after a good night’s sleep. Since I have connective tissue disease, I also suffered from joint and muscle pain, and had several joint surgeries in the past. I was also dealing with a hormonal imbalance and struggled with ovarian cysts, irregular cycles, bloating, and acne. Yet, in the past five months of working with Debi, my health has improved. I am no longer fighting the extreme fatigue and have noticed an increase in my energy level. I have started eating better, taking my herbs regularly, and drinking plenty of water to follow her advice My muscle and joint pain is getting better. I have seen a major improvement in my hormones – with regular cycles, less bloating and PMS, less headaches, and a remarkable improvement in my skin! I have gotten so many compliments from my husband, family, friends and co-workers about how good my skin looks now! I am so thankful for all Debi has done to help me get my body in balance!” – Tina


Pain Relief

“I have been suffering from nerve pain in my right jaw and tooth for a number of years. I have spent thousands of dollars on dentists and been operated on by oral surgeons three (3) times with little to no relief. I was referred to Ms. Farley by a colleague and within one treatment, my nerve pain had disappeared. I cannot say enough about the potential for relief of chronic pain that her treatments offer. I recommend that you contact her if you truly want to seek a meaningful solution to your pain issues. I highly and fully recommend her without qualification”. – Larry


“I had unbearable pain in my left ankle and little toe. In addition, I had pain in my right leg, both knees and wrist. It was impossible to stand or walk for more than short periods of time. I could not exercise or go to my yoga classes. The only solution offered by traditional doctors was pain meds, cortisone injections, and eventually, a knee replacement. I made an appointment with Deborah Farley and am still astounded by the amount of relief the treatment gave me. I feel like a new person. In addition to the pain relief, acupuncture lowered my stress levels. I also noticed that it helped my smoking – now smoking half of what I previously smoked. I am now completely off all pain and arthritis medications. The most impressive aspect of working with Debbie is her interest in you as a whole person. I whole heartedly recommend her services.” – Kathy


“When I first came to see Debi, my hands had gotten to the point where I would wake up at night in pain. I was unable to open jars, lift items weighing over five pounds, or manipulate most things I used in daily life. Because I am an artist and a teacher and use my hands constantly, I was feeling quite depressed about the increasing pain. I saw Debi for about seven months for this and other issues. During this period, I was pain free for substantial amounts of time. I no longer woke in pain. I could use my hands for longer periods of time without pain. Now, I am to the point where I almost forget that I used to hurt so badly. Recently, I laid a 200 foot stone walkway in one day and didn’t even feel sore the next day! I am thrilled to have the use of my hands again. Acupuncture truly made a difference for me.” – Susan



“My wife had been seeing Ms. Farley for a problem with her arm, which was getting better each time she had a treatment. After going to my doctor and receiving a diagnosis of vertigo, he prescribed Meclizine and suggested I see a specialist. My wife suggested trying acupuncture. Even though I have an issue with needles, and cannot even watch someone on TV receiving a shot, I decided to try it. I was not sure how or why acupuncture works but made an appointment. Thankfully, Ms. Farley explained the procedure in detail and after our first meeting, it all made sense. After the first treatment, I still had some vertigo issues. After the second treatment, I had NO vertigo issues. I received two additional treatments to help with some other issues and am now deciding on a timeframe to schedule maintenance treatments to ward off any other health issues. This has been better than I expected and I am a 100% believer in acupuncture”. – Mike


Skin Improvement

“Aging is perpetual and the Mei Zen acupuncture program has given me a few extra years of lift. The treatment has significantly and noticeably improved my skin, complexion and wrinkles, as well as, helped with general health issues related to my bladder and sleep. My sessions with Debi also gave me guidance on nutrition, and provided me with encouragement on my weight loss goals. It is working with Debi personally and professionally that makes it all possible. Her ability to create solutions for my physical goals has been exceptional, and I admire her greatly.” – Carroll


“The Mei Zen acupuncture program is an incredible value. I’ve had chemical peels and a mini-facelift in the past, spending thousands of dollars to have a more refreshed, youthful appearance. The Mei Zen program provided me with the same benefits (in some areas, far better) and cost a fraction of what I’ve paid in the past. During the 10-session program, I noticed my skin becoming softer, the fine lines around my mouth diminishing and my overall complexion becoming so much softer and healthier. What I found most impressive was the continued improvement of my skin and overall health after the treatment plan. Now, I simply come in for a monthly maintenance treatment and I always leave feeling relaxed and completely rejuvenated! “ – Theresa


Workshops and Classes

“The 21-Day Detox program has give me a sense of control over my health and eating habits. I would never have gotten to that point without it. Overall I have lost about 20 lbs and my average blood pressure has dropped from 150/120 to 120/80. My energy during the day as improved and I have been able to sleep 7 hours continuously (haven’t done this in years.)” – Steve, New Year’s Detox (RESET!) Program


“Deb has the gift of making everyone at ease, and makes going Raw easy and FUN! This was a GREAT class!” – Laurel, Raw Oriental Class


“What I enjoy most about Debi’s classes is her expertise, recipes, hands-on preparation and getting to know everyone!” Darlene, Raw Oriental Class


“Truly simple and hands-on. I definitely came away with easy recipes that I can use at home. Best of all, the food was GREAT! I can’t wait for the next class. Thank you Debi and your team!”– Marilyn, Raw Food Breakfast Class


“As my diet continually evolves, so does my need for information relating to nutrition and health. Debi’s demonstration not only showed me how to make these new healthy recipes, but it taught me about the nutritional value of the food, how it affects my digestion and how my body and overall health would benefit from preparing meals in this way. The class was fun, educational and super delicious! I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in culinary, nutrition or general well-being. Thank you so much, Debi!” – Angela, Raw Food Breakfast Class


“What I enjoyed most about Debi’s detox class was learning from each other and the group interaction. As a result of the class, I am far more awareness of my food choices and see an improvement in my skin, nails, and general well-being.” – Martha, Detox Workshop


“I’m really interested in sharing the recipes with my family. My 11 year old son does not eat very healthy, but he has become more interested in learning how to eat healthier. I think he will definitely like the banana almond butter cup and chia pudding.” – Karen, Raw Food Breakfast Class


“The Green Smoothie class exceeded my expectations! Deborah has a level of compassion for her clients that resonates with women and provides a comforting, relaxed environment to learn, share and improve upon our lives (mentally, physically and spiritually).” – Patricia, Green Smoothie Class


“What I liked best about Debi’s nutrition classes is her knowledge of the subject. After taking her 5-week detox program, I have more energy, my vision is clearer, I sleep well, and I feel really good – plus I loss 7 lbs.” – Rita, “Detox Workshop”

“Jacqueline Gooding, every time I hear the word psoas, I’m reminded of your yoga classes. Anyway, I just came across a new book by Donna Farhi, published this year.  I read about it on Amazon and it looks like the psoas muscle “is the new black” so to speak. You were ahead of your time, my friend.”  🙏
-Yvonne E. via Facebook


“Jacqueline leads students into poses with precise instructions balanced with a calm flow. You will leave her class feeling strong and centered.”

-Anne P. 


“Jacquie knows the body like no other yoga teacher I’ve found. Her gentle style of teaching is supportive to those of us who need extra help finding comfort in our practice. I always leave Jacquie’s class feeling blissful, restored, and more compassionate towards myself and others. She’s the best!”

-Jenny B.

“Kerry embodies what yoga is all about: right living in body, mind and

spirit. This comes through in her classes where her warm and encouraging spirit makes for a safe space for yoga practice.

I’ve taken her classes for many years and I always feel strengthened and

centered by the end of each class. Often I feel that she is teaching directly to me and the areas where I need to focus. I love that her classes flow easily, but also push me to reach beyond my comfort

Kerry is a beautiful example of strength and serenity in harmony. I highly recommend her classes. Namaste.”

– Jennifer B.


“Kerry is an amazing yoga teacher who has the ability to inspire all of her students. She connects with all levels of students in the room and her personality always shines through.  I continue to learn so much from Kerry and I am always thrilled to take one of her classes.”

-Amy T.


“Kerry ‘walks the walk’ on the yoga mat, which is apparent given her authenticity in leading classes and strength in her own practice. As a well rounded teacher, she is able to guide students through rigorous vinyasa style flowing and also harness the more calming, meditative energy through restorative postures, deep stretching and inversions. Kerry has a therapeutic focus, caring about the needs and concerns of each individual student, and confidently provides safe options for all levels of experience. She produces stronger, better informed yogis out of her students. It is exciting to watch Kerry grow in her yoga journey, and I am grateful for her guidance.”

-Brier K.


“Kerry is marvelous instructor of yoga —the practice of yoga, including the moves and postures, and she includes many of the elements one would find in a comprehensive yoga practice in each of her classes. Just today in her class we went through a series of poses with flows and balance moves, and also engaged in alternate nostril breathing, listened to several inspiring readings all coupled together with restorative and challenging poses—-she covered it all and made our practice spiritual as well as thorough in building our strength, flexibility and endurance. In each of Kerry’s classes I have always been able to take advantage of a nice mix of traditional postures with a fresh twist or the demonstration of a pose that helps the beginner and also takes even the most talented practitioner to new levels. I always feel accepted, encouraged, challenged, and supported in each of Kerry’s classes.

I have been practicing yoga for over 5 years. I take a class everyday. Kerry is one of the best instructors I’ve encountered. I would heartily recommend her to anyone interested in learning yoga from being a beginner all the way up to practicing as an experienced level 3 practitioner. She is a demonstrator, a coach, an inspiring leader and is quite accomplished as a practitioner herself; most especially as a gifted teacher. Everyone who I encounter likes Kerry as a person and as an instructor. Everyone I meet and talk with in our center enjoys her classes—that’s my take on Kerry Schulz as a yoga instructor.”

-Ted P.


“I had a really bad allergy outbreak on my skin all over by body. I was swollen, red, and the skin had cracked and was itching and bleeding. It was horrible. My eyes were also swollen so I couldn’t see. I have been to many doctors, every time my skin has a bad allergy attack, [and they] only prescribed me medication to alleviate my symptoms. Doing that always weakened my immune system, making my next attack worse. Dr. Nguyen helped me alleviate my symptoms and helped me rebuild my immune system which allowed me to recover the fastest that has ever occurred. After each acupuncture appointment, my skin would look normal. My skin hasn’t looked normal for a long time. She gave me back hope when I thought I had lost everything. Her and her dad are incredible people and doctors. They gave me a chance to have a more normal life without rashy skin everyday. I already recommended some friends and family. Dr. Nguyen’s ability to find the pressure points for [rebalancing] your body is amazing. Thank you Dr. Nguyen.”-J.Y. October 2013

“I came to see Kim for relief of asthma symptoms. I have suffered from asthma for 30 years and had seen very little improvement over the years…The quality of my life significantly improved after several visits with Kim. I experienced increases in lung function, decreases in congestion, and an overall strength and immunity. In addition to seeing tremendous improvement with the asthma symptoms, I also received relief from allergies. I found myself surviving the allergy season without having to reach for OTC allergy medicines! Kim is a well trained professional and knows how to work her needles. Kim is a good listener and takes your health concerns seriously. She has a great attitude and believes that she can assist in improving your quality of life – no matter what ails you! I trust her completely.”-L.R.

“It works. Acupuncture works. I grew up with Western medicine– doctors, nurses, x-rays, shots, pills — skeptical of Eastern medicine (acupuncture) even though I had read and heard that it works. After 20 years taking Prednisone(steroid), I had to find a way to stop and let my own body naturally defend itself. I realized that acupuncture was my last chance. After several sessions of Kim Nguyen’s acupuncture, my body made a smooth transition. Am I happy! Her acupuncture at East West Medicine was professional and effective; it works.” -Frank Adamson, March 2013



“After the fifth treatment that helped hugely with my anxiety, I left and realized I had not felt this good in years.” -D.B.

“My improvements have been dramatic. When I first came to East West Medicine the symptoms of my anxiety prevented me from enjoying day-to-day life. I have regained my appetite and I am able to deal with my anxiety and go about life as normal. Dr. Nguyen is a great listener and incorporated my concerns into her treatment in ways that other doctors I have visited have not.”-A.D.

“It is my favorite thing to do each week! Having this time dedicated to myself helps me stay balanced and happy. Thank you for always being open, non-judgemental, caring and competent! It is apparent that you are an expert in your field. I keep telling all my friends!” -N.W.



“After about a month I became pregnant. A couple appointments helped with back pain too…after I became pregnant the appointments continued to help with morning sickness. My husband and I are excited and happy to be expecting our first child.”-K.U. October 2014

“Gentlemen, although it sounds funny to join your significant other and attend acupuncture sessions with Dr. Nguyen [for fertility], I highly recommend it.  My wife and I had been trying to have a child for a little over a year before we starting seeing Dr. Nguyen.  After three months of acupuncture we were pleasantly surprised with the news of my wife’s pregnancy.

Other enjoyable benefits of attending acupuncture sessions are that they can be very relaxing and it takes care of any nagging pains you may have.  And, most importantly, it will make your wife realize that you actually care.  Trust me, it’s worth it.”-R.R. October 2013

“Kim is a very patient and understanding individual, which makes her great at what she does. I would recommend everyone to her…I was able to conceive naturally, and I truly believe acupuncture helped. It also helped a lot with allergies, I found that I took less allergy medicine while having acupuncture treatments. My husband obtains treatment from Kim Nguyen and I just recently referred a co-worker, who will be seeking treatment from her soon. I hope to return to my treatments after my baby is born.”-P.H.

“Not only was I extremely satisfied with Kim’s approach, bedside manner, and skills, but I was also very happy and impressed with the results.  Kim really knows what she’s doing!  It’s very evident that she not only takes the time to get to know each patient, but that she stays informed as a professional of the latest research and incorporates that into her practice.

I am happy and excited to say that with the help and expertise of Kim and East West Medicine, I am now expecting my first baby this summer(!!).  I would highly recommend East West Medicine for anyone seeking help for any ailment or issue.  It doesn’t feel like cold, medical treatment; rather, it feels like you are treating your body and mind to a more natural and holistic approach that I think we all deserve the chance to experience.  I really can’t say enough…you’ll be in good hands with Kim!”-C.H., March 2013



“Kim made me feel very comfortable. I had a dislike of needles and was quite surprised how quickly I adapted to acupuncture. I actually sleep for longer periods and am able to fall back to sleep much more quickly.”-R.L.



“I cannot say enough good things about her and how acupuncture has profoundly changed my migraines– in frequency, severity, and location…Kim is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and an excellent clinician. She is friendly, approachable, cares about patient outcomes and does her best to make a positive difference in your health…I highly, highly recommend her because of her abilities as a clinician and the improvement she has made to my health and well-being.” -C.L.



“Joint pain diminished-no longer on pain meds! Excellent practice and results. I will come back if the need arises. I have respect and confidence in Dr. Kim and appreciate very much my treatment under care. Thank you so much for all your help!”-K.T. January 2016

“I sought care at East West Medicine because I was diagnosed with De Quervain syndrome in my wrist. I was in pain all day every day and it was increasingly more and more difficult to hold my new infant. I was looking for an alternative to taking 800 mg of ibuprofen a day. I am pain free now and it has helped my quality of life immensely. I can now carry my daughter or play with her without any worry of how much I may or may not further hurt my wrist.”-T.L.

“Because of East West Medicine, I am now a firm believer in the power of Acupuncture. Dr. Nguyen has treated twofractured wrists for me as well as some gastrointestinal issues. When my general practitioner told me it would be 6-8 weeks before I could put pressure on my wrist again, Dr. Nguyen spent over an hour talking to me about my medical history, eating habits, and taking my pulse. After three weeks of acupuncture, I was doing handstands again!”-S.G.

“Due to my quick relief [from Bell’s Palsy and pain] I feel very comfortable to refer my friends and other members of my family for acupuncture treatment. Dr. Kim is nice, kind, and humble at every time with smiling face. I got quick improvement and am full of enjoyment in my life now.”-Rana S. Ali

“The overall discussions and analysis of my issues/condition was incredibly thorough and I appreciated greatly the sincere concern expressed by Dr. Kim and the time she spent talking to me in holistic fashion. I’ve been able to manage my back pain to the point that I can function normally and go to the gym without pain/discomfort. I think my general day-to-day outlook has improved, too.”-J.M.

“Very Satisfied! This was my first experience with acupuncture and I wasn’t sure what to expect or if it would even help. Kim has done a fantastic job not only helping the pain go away but explaining the process as well. Kim has been great and not only would I come back but I would encourage others to come and give it a try as well. I have already suggested to several of my co-workers that have some aches and pains to come…[acupuncture has allowed] me to get back to my normal workout routines pain free.”-S.M. April 2013

“Kim has been a bright spot in my recovery. Although I still get allergy shots, she has been able to help relieve my sinus infection symptoms. She continues to work on what remains of my infection while helping me with chronic back pain due to significant arthritis and spinal degeneration.”-W.L.

“After just a few sessions, my pain in the right arm/back has dramatically improved and I’m starting to feel like my old self. The improvement in my pain has contributed in a positive way to my quality of life as I am able to enjoy activities I had to give up. I would feel very comfortable referring friends/family to Kim. In fact, I have referred a few people and I don’t know what’s taking them so long to make an appointment! Kim’s warm and compassionate spirit combined with her impressive technical knowledge and skill make her an ideal practitioner.”-N.P., March 2013

“Hi Dr. Nguyen,
I wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The pain that was in my left hip is gone! While I was there on Monday, the pain was greatly lessen but it completely disappeared overnight.

I was amazed! I’m so grateful that I found you!” J.C.-July 2017 



Within a few minutes of meeting Kim, I had the same confidence and right feeling about her competency and experience with acupuncture that I had about the surgeon who was to do the cutting. Her strong training in and familiarity with western medicine as well as acupuncture made me feel comfortable and well supported during our conversations regarding the treatment she would provide…I am completely satisfied and delighted with Kim and her practice, her care of and interest in the “whole person” she treats. Clearly she finds great personal and professional gratification in providing help and relief with a powerful, ancient and beautiful medicine. That joy in her work and healing is passed on to the patient, and I’m grateful to be one of them!”-C.R. June 2013

“Improvements pre-surgery were dramatic in a quiet, profound way. Many people who knew me remarked that I was calm and without fear in spite of facing this delicate operation. I slept well and was able to be present and effective at my job, exercise, eat with health in mind, remain in good spirits and generally feel good about things until surgery and after. Without Kim’s treatments I am quite sure to have had ups and downs at numerous points during the 6 weeks due to headaches and other debilitating symptoms of hypothyroidism. I also believe the post-surgery pain would have agitated me more without her treatments before and after surgery.



Everyone should try it–for any condition, age, problem, etc. It works!!!” -C.R.

“Kim puts a lot of effort and care into making sure nothing is painful (and acupuncture is not painful at all, barely feel it) and with a mix of suggested herbs/acupuncture she helps to get things back to normal. I am now a firm believer in Acupuncture and recommend it to anyone from a small to big issue. Through a series of questions and routine checkups when you visit you definitely get the feeling she is there to help.” -J.M.

“I started seeing a lot of different changes, things that I thought little about, and thought I had to take prescription medicine for. In three weeks I stopped sweating heavily after 20 years. I also stopped having pain in my bladder, and frequent urges to go to the bathroom. Two major problems that I thought I had to live with forever are gone…without side effects! I also started feeling a lot better emotionally, I stopped being angry or sad all the time. My symptoms are just a brief, tangible glance at how much Kim & her perceptive attitude have helped me so much. I have become physically a much better person, my appetite and cravings for sweets are under control, but I am most grateful for the peace of mind, the wholeness, I hadn’t felt in years. I feel good mentally and physically again. I definitely would recommend Kim to everyone. All of my friends, neighbors, and co-workers know how grateful I am to her and her work.”- F.D.

“It removed the pain [from the] side effects of chemo and I liked it a lot. Thanks”-I.D.

“Dr. Nguyen’s deft hands were hardly noticeable. I actually didn’t realize I had needles in my legs until she took them out.”-H.P.

“This was my first time trying acupuncture, and now I don’t believe how long it took me to try–I feel great and wish I’d called Ms. Nguyen earlier!”-T.R

“I have improved in each of the areas [I sought treatment for]. It seems two sessions per week were enough to start seeing a noticeable change. I just felt better overall. More calm, and less bouts of pain. I have already started referring people to the practice. Kim is an outstanding professional. She makes you understand how acupuncture can help and assist you in gaining the most out of each session. I plan to make acupuncture a regular part of my health management plan. This has been a wonderful experience with Kim.”-B.L. December 2016

“Everyone I know wants to be in Louise’s class! She’s one of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful instructors I’ve ever had. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, centered & energized.”

-G. Leahy

“Hi, I attend Louise’s Yoga class on Wednesdays @ 1:00. I have taken Yoga for many years and know what she is doing is correct and comforting! She explains the moves very well, meets the individual needs of each participant  and is caring and encouraging! I leave feeling good physically and am spiritually up-lifted. She is a blessing!”
-Carol Dunsing 

“Some things in life cannot be explained. While I’m sure that someone can explain the benefits of Reiki better than me, I can certainly speak for its results. Even though I’m a little biased since Reiki Master Mary Lee is my Mother, I cannot speak highly enough about the work that she’s done for me, even from afar.

When I first began practicing massage, I went from doing a couple of massages a week to four or five a day. Needless to say, the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome hit hard. On top of that, I damaged the muscles and ligaments around the joint of my right thumb; on a good day, I could straighten my thumb past a 90 degree angle, on most days that’s as good as it was going to get. Doctors told me my thumb was permanently damaged.

I told my Mom about my issues and she went to work. It took some time (let’s give her some credit here, she was in Charleston, SC at the time!), but after a while my hand was 100% back to normal.”

-Alyson Schlobohm via


“I’ve had several reiki sessions with Reiki Master Mary Lee. She is knowledgeable and very comfortable to be around.  It’s very relaxing and therapeutic – I can feel the energy in some of the areas she concentrates on.  She always “finds” my trouble spots without my having to say anything.”

-Sara H. via


“I had my first session with Mary Lee from River City Reiki yesterday and really felt a need to write a review in support of her.  I was warmly welcomed and was instantly at ease and comfortable.  Mary Lee answered all  my questions (I had quite a few) in a kind and helpful manner without making me feel ignorant or silly.  I found her to be quite intuitive during my session.  With very little information about me she could ‘tell’ what I needed.  I left feeling balanced and calm.  Today I still feel calm but also have more energy then I have had in a long time (with no coffee!).  I cannot wait for my next session.”

-Colleen F. via


“This was my first exposure to Reiki, and I’m so glad I found Mary Lee.  Her warm personality instantly made me comfortable and the session was extremely enjoyable and relaxing.  I’m sure everyone will experience reiki differently, but I left refreshed with a renewed sense of peace and wellbeing.  I look forward to incorporating reiki from Mary Lee into my self-maintenance regimen.

Mary Lee has been absolutely instrumental in the development of my intuition and I can genuinely say that I am living my life more fully thanks to her wisdom, honesty, and kindness. I have taken her class on dowsing, received a house blessing, and received my level 1 and 2 Reiki attunements from Mary Lee. These experiences have been nothing short of life changing. Most recently, I completed the level 2 Reiki attunement. I financially didn’t know how I’d make it work but I went ahead and just charged it on my credit card because I strongly felt that the weekend of the International Day of Peace and Autumn Equinox was too perfect to pass up. I somehow knew that the money part would work itself out. The whole weekend was awesome – I learned so much about how to more effectively help others and have since applied these new techniques with incredible success.  And now here I am, a couple weeks later. I have just learned that I have been awarded a significant bonus at my job that more than covers the cost of the attunement.  This is not a coincidence. Thank you, Mary Lee, for helping me see the universal support that surrounds all of us!

-Kat R. via