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Licensed Acupuncturist

Debi Farley

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Deborah Farley is licensed in acupuncture by the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Medicine and is a Diplomate of the National Certification Commission for  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).  She also holds her DOM license as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (FL).  She is a past-president of the Acupuncture Society of Virginia (ASVA) and received her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from the East West College of Natural Medicine.  Her training includes over 3,000 classroom hours in Oriental medicine, Western medicine, diagnosis, Chinese herbal pharmacology and nutrition.  

As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, Debi combines her expertise in nutritional consulting with her clinical treatment strategies.  This in-depth knowledge and advanced training helps individuals achieve health goals by applying new concepts into their daily life.

Debi is also certified in Reiki and Essential Feng Shui.  She received her certification as a Raw Food Chef/Coach and Instructor from Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food program. As a respected educator and teacher, Debi provides educational seminars and training on numerous health conditions and subjects related to Oriental medicine, nutrition and raw foods.

“My lifelong passion in integrative healing therapies reflects my
belief that the body has the innate ability to heal itself.”


“I have been going to Dr. Farley as necessary for many years for treatments.. She is compassionate, detail- oriented, and has provided me with significant relief from my chronic jaw pain. I highly recommend her without reservation! All of this should be coupled with one last fact: She is a nice person, and I consider her a friend.” – Laurence 



Restless Leg Syndrome

“I have had restless legs for over 20 years. But I also had sinus problems, high blood pressure, back pain and real issues with my weight. Debi’s treatment and has CHANGED my life. By taking advantage of acupuncture and nutritional counseling, I have been able to stop 5 of 7 prescriptions. My blood pressure is now normal. My sinus problems are gone. After participating in her cleanse program, I have lost 14 bounds and feel so much better. Thank you!” – Jeanine


Sleep, Hormonal Imbalance

“When I first started seeing Debi, I was dealing with a wide array of issues. I was always exhausted, even after a good night’s sleep. Since I have connective tissue disease, I also suffered from joint and muscle pain, and had several joint surgeries in the past. I was also dealing with a hormonal imbalance and struggled with ovarian cysts, irregular cycles, bloating, and acne. Yet, in the past five months of working with Debi, my health has improved. I am no longer fighting the extreme fatigue and have noticed an increase in my energy level. I have started eating better, taking my herbs regularly, and drinking plenty of water to follow her advice My muscle and joint pain is getting better. I have seen a major improvement in my hormones – with regular cycles, less bloating and PMS, less headaches, and a remarkable improvement in my skin! I have gotten so many compliments from my husband, family, friends and co-workers about how good my skin looks now! I am so thankful for all Debi has done to help me get my body in balance!” – Tina


Pain Relief

“I have been suffering from nerve pain in my right jaw and tooth for a number of years. I have spent thousands of dollars on dentists and been operated on by oral surgeons three (3) times with little to no relief. I was referred to Ms. Farley by a colleague and within one treatment, my nerve pain had disappeared. I cannot say enough about the potential for relief of chronic pain that her treatments offer. I recommend that you contact her if you truly want to seek a meaningful solution to your pain issues. I highly and fully recommend her without qualification”. – Larry


“I had unbearable pain in my left ankle and little toe. In addition, I had pain in my right leg, both knees and wrist. It was impossible to stand or walk for more than short periods of time. I could not exercise or go to my yoga classes. The only solution offered by traditional doctors was pain meds, cortisone injections, and eventually, a knee replacement. I made an appointment with Deborah Farley and am still astounded by the amount of relief the treatment gave me. I feel like a new person. In addition to the pain relief, acupuncture lowered my stress levels. I also noticed that it helped my smoking – now smoking half of what I previously smoked. I am now completely off all pain and arthritis medications. The most impressive aspect of working with Debbie is her interest in you as a whole person. I whole heartedly recommend her services.” – Kathy


“When I first came to see Debi, my hands had gotten to the point where I would wake up at night in pain. I was unable to open jars, lift items weighing over five pounds, or manipulate most things I used in daily life. Because I am an artist and a teacher and use my hands constantly, I was feeling quite depressed about the increasing pain. I saw Debi for about seven months for this and other issues. During this period, I was pain free for substantial amounts of time. I no longer woke in pain. I could use my hands for longer periods of time without pain. Now, I am to the point where I almost forget that I used to hurt so badly. Recently, I laid a 200 foot stone walkway in one day and didn’t even feel sore the next day! I am thrilled to have the use of my hands again. Acupuncture truly made a difference for me.” – Susan



“My wife had been seeing Ms. Farley for a problem with her arm, which was getting better each time she had a treatment. After going to my doctor and receiving a diagnosis of vertigo, he prescribed Meclizine and suggested I see a specialist. My wife suggested trying acupuncture. Even though I have an issue with needles, and cannot even watch someone on TV receiving a shot, I decided to try it. I was not sure how or why acupuncture works but made an appointment. Thankfully, Ms. Farley explained the procedure in detail and after our first meeting, it all made sense. After the first treatment, I still had some vertigo issues. After the second treatment, I had NO vertigo issues. I received two additional treatments to help with some other issues and am now deciding on a timeframe to schedule maintenance treatments to ward off any other health issues. This has been better than I expected and I am a 100% believer in acupuncture”. – Mike


Skin Improvement

“Aging is perpetual and the Mei Zen acupuncture program has given me a few extra years of lift. The treatment has significantly and noticeably improved my skin, complexion and wrinkles, as well as, helped with general health issues related to my bladder and sleep. My sessions with Debi also gave me guidance on nutrition, and provided me with encouragement on my weight loss goals. It is working with Debi personally and professionally that makes it all possible. Her ability to create solutions for my physical goals has been exceptional, and I admire her greatly.” – Carroll


“The Mei Zen acupuncture program is an incredible value. I’ve had chemical peels and a mini-facelift in the past, spending thousands of dollars to have a more refreshed, youthful appearance. The Mei Zen program provided me with the same benefits (in some areas, far better) and cost a fraction of what I’ve paid in the past. During the 10-session program, I noticed my skin becoming softer, the fine lines around my mouth diminishing and my overall complexion becoming so much softer and healthier. What I found most impressive was the continued improvement of my skin and overall health after the treatment plan. Now, I simply come in for a monthly maintenance treatment and I always leave feeling relaxed and completely rejuvenated! “ – Theresa


Workshops and Classes

“The 21-Day Detox program has give me a sense of control over my health and eating habits. I would never have gotten to that point without it. Overall I have lost about 20 lbs and my average blood pressure has dropped from 150/120 to 120/80. My energy during the day as improved and I have been able to sleep 7 hours continuously (haven’t done this in years.)” – Steve, New Year’s Detox (RESET!) Program


“Deb has the gift of making everyone at ease, and makes going Raw easy and FUN! This was a GREAT class!” – Laurel, Raw Oriental Class


“What I enjoy most about Debi’s classes is her expertise, recipes, hands-on preparation and getting to know everyone!” Darlene, Raw Oriental Class


“Truly simple and hands-on. I definitely came away with easy recipes that I can use at home. Best of all, the food was GREAT! I can’t wait for the next class. Thank you Debi and your team!”– Marilyn, Raw Food Breakfast Class


“As my diet continually evolves, so does my need for information relating to nutrition and health. Debi’s demonstration not only showed me how to make these new healthy recipes, but it taught me about the nutritional value of the food, how it affects my digestion and how my body and overall health would benefit from preparing meals in this way. The class was fun, educational and super delicious! I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in culinary, nutrition or general well-being. Thank you so much, Debi!” – Angela, Raw Food Breakfast Class


“What I enjoyed most about Debi’s detox class was learning from each other and the group interaction. As a result of the class, I am far more awareness of my food choices and see an improvement in my skin, nails, and general well-being.” – Martha, Detox Workshop


“I’m really interested in sharing the recipes with my family. My 11 year old son does not eat very healthy, but he has become more interested in learning how to eat healthier. I think he will definitely like the banana almond butter cup and chia pudding.” – Karen, Raw Food Breakfast Class


“The Green Smoothie class exceeded my expectations! Deborah has a level of compassion for her clients that resonates with women and provides a comforting, relaxed environment to learn, share and improve upon our lives (mentally, physically and spiritually).” – Patricia, Green Smoothie Class


“What I liked best about Debi’s nutrition classes is her knowledge of the subject. After taking her 5-week detox program, I have more energy, my vision is clearer, I sleep well, and I feel really good – plus I loss 7 lbs.” – Rita, “Detox Workshop”

  • Follow Up Appointment ($90) – Total visit time is 60 minutes. 10-15 minutes is spent reviewing previous visits only, followed by an acupuncture treatment that is for 30-40 minutes.

  • Expanded New Patient Visit including Acupuncture ($145) – Total visit is 90 minutes and includes initial evaluation, intake, treatment plan, and an acupuncture treatment.  The acupuncture treatment is for 30 – 40 minutes. 

  • One Hour Consultation Only ($100) – Schedule this appointment if you’re not sure about if acupuncture is what you would like use for your condition but you are interested in using herbs and nutritional supplements for your health concerns.  Also if you would like health or nutritional coaching or advice.

  • Half Hour Consultation Only ($50) – This service is for the initial visit and instructions for our programs, follow ups for nutrition, and health coaching.  It is also for anyone seeking a quick face to face meeting to briefly discuss how any or all of the services may benefit them and whether or not they would like to proceed with a course of treatment. 

  • Acupoint Aromatherapy ($90) – Uses essential oils on acupuncture points for treatment.  May be used with or without needles. 

  • 20/20/2 Stress Relief ($20) – $20 for 20 minutes with only 2 needles.  This is a great quick treatment for that person that is stressed out and just wants a few minutes to unwind and feel more calm and relaxed.  This is also a great way to get an introduction to an acupuncture treatment if you’ve never had a treatment before. 

  • New Patient Visit including Acupuncture ($90) – This service is for those who may have a more acute situation and are looking for pain relief. 

  • 20% Discount for Student, Senior, Active Military and Piedmont Health Insurance participants.  Not valid with packages. Valid for 1 year from purchase date, non-transferrable, non-refundable. 

  • 3 Treatment Package ($255) – Package of three treatments. Does not include initial visit.  Package must be used within 6 months of purchase and is non-transferrable.

  • 5 Treatment Package ($400) – Purchase a package of 5 treatments.  Does not include initial visit.  Packages purchased must be used within 6 months and are non-transferrable. 

  • 10 Treatment Package ($750) – Purchase a package of 10 visits.  Does not include initial visit.  Package purchased must be used within 12 months and is non-transferrable. 

Mondays 2 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Tuesdays 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.