Learn More About Yoga

While yoga only became immensely popular in the last couple of decades in the United States, it is actually an extremely ancient form of healing. In fact, the first records of yoga in existence date back to over 5,000 years ago.

Because yoga was developed in ancient India, many of the terms that are associated with yoga and yoga practices may seem foreign and intimidating. But don’t worry, we are going to define some of the popular types of yoga for you. Additionally, our instructors work diligently to ensure than no one feels “lost” during their classes – they understand that not everyone knows the proper terms for yoga poses!

*Please note: The descriptions that follow are for informative purposes only. Lakeside Wellness does not offer all of the following forms of yoga and, in fact, does not endorse every type of yoga defined.*



Level: Advanced

Pace: Fast

Also Known As: Power Yoga

Ashtanga is a fast-moving, challenging practice where the same set of poses is repeated.



Level: Advanced

Pace: Moderate

Also Known As: Hot Yoga (*Please note – not all hot yoga is Bikram. Some studios keep their rooms at increased temperature and will refer to this as “hot yoga”.)

Bikram is an extremely advanced form of yoga where yoga rooms are kept at a temperature often exceeding 100 degrees. The same 26 poses are repeated for each class. Classes are typically an hour and a half long.


Chair Yoga

Level: Gentle

Pace: Slow to Moderate

Also Known As: Assisted Yoga

Chair Yoga is a wonderful class that is especially great for anyone who feels physically unstable or for anyone who has chronic pain or injuries.

At Lakeside Wellness, each student is provided a padded chair to assist with your movement throughout our chair yoga class. For anyone who ever thought yoga was not for them, this class is for you!



Level: All

Pace: Varies

Also Known As: Everything

Hatha is one of the most commonly used terms to describe many levels and types of yoga class. Because this term is often so frequently used, we highly recommended contacting the studio or instructor directly to inquire about their style of Hatha yoga.

Lakeside Wellness’ Hatha Yoga classes are typically gentle to moderately challenging. Our instructors also offer many modifications throughout their classes to help everyone avoid pain during any given pose.


Restorative Yoga

Level: Gentle

Pace: Slow

Also Known As: Gentle Hatha, Flow, Gentle Yoga

Restorative yoga is typically a great choice for anyone with limited flexibility, chronic pain or injuries. Restorative yoga works to regain movement and flexibility in a gentle manner, not in a fast or aggressive way.



Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Pace: Fast

Also Known As: Power Yoga, Flow

Vinyasa is frequently a fast-paced, “aerobic” form of yoga. Poses will vary from class to class so levels will vary as well.


Yin Yoga

Level: Beginner

Pace: Slow

Also Known As: Meditative Yoga, Seated Yoga, Bedtime Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slower, meditative form of yoga where poses are typically held for a longer time as opposed to fast-moving classes where poses are only held momentarily. Because of its slower pace and meditative properties, Yin Yoga is also sometimes referred to as “bedtime yoga”.