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Carla Geddes

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Since setting out on my own as a young adult, I’ve been a seeker, passionate to find answers to my own health and life challenges utilizing natural approaches. My quest has brought me to focus on the areas of personal development, spirituality and many of the alternative healing practices. Some have been through formal training (Teacher Certification, Reiki Master Training, Core Energy Life Coaching, Psych-K Advanced Training), others  were self directed. I devour books from the best teachers in the field, often finding that one book or author will lead me to another, then another, then another, in the same or related arena. Along with these studies, I have met and used talented, holistic doctors and practitioners. The quest for my own healing has given me extensive knowledge of alternative healing that I can share with you.  

I have come to know that we have more power than we’ve ever imagined, and we can create the changes we want. We just need to know how. It takes the whole person, body, mind and spirit to live in joy, fulfillment and peace.  I would be honored to assist you on your own self discovery and path. 

Life is a journey, not a destination.



  • I’ve been a fully-certified Life Coaching Professional, graduate of iPEC since 2002.

  • I am a trained Energy Coach and may employ a personal  Energy  Assessment as a powerful coaching tool.  

  • I utilize techniques such as EFT, WHEE and PSYCH-K  to determine and dis-empower unwanted unconscious blocks.  

  • If you are in the Richmond VA. area, I also offer a breakthrough, patented and award winning technology which helps by enhancing blood flow, circulation, and the disposal of metabolic waste. This in turn stimulates the internal physician within.

  • I have been a licensed teacher in the state of VA for over 20 years and utilize different modalities of learning to address individual needs. 

  • I may recommend literature, or the services provided by others that I believe would be helpful to you. 

  • My references will be provided upon request. Please fill out the request form below and email me at

A compromised blood flow is linked to many, many health issues. What can be more important than to have it move faster and freely in our bodies so it can deliver a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients and take away the waste produced by cells.  Our bodies each have about 74,000 miles of blood vessels working to keep all of our tissues, organs and body parts vital and healthy.  What  happens to slow this blood flow down?……. Life….Aging……Less exercise….. Toxins….. Injury…..Inflammation…..the list goes on.  
You can enhance the blood flow in your body today in a very simple way just sitting or laying on a new device called a BEMER. Blood flow is enhanced using gentle electro-magnetic energy. Even the tiniest capillaries get the benefit of the energy given off.  In a nutshell the benefits are:
  • Enhanced general blood flow
  • Better nutrient distribution and improved elimination of metabolic waste
  • Enhanced physical fitness and endurance
  • Enhanced the body’s strength and energy levels
  • Reduced stress and achieving relaxation
  • Enhanced quality of life
While BEMER is general wellness product it is not intended to be used to treat or cure any disease and/or condition. It is always recommended to consult with your healthcare practitioner before using BEMER Therapy.

Energy Medicine is moving the subtle natural energy that is in us and all around us to flow and vibrate in a way that is most beneficial for healing. There are many different techniques and ways to manage these energies.
About Reiki
Reiki is a noninvasive technique that can be used to help people suffering from a variety of different conditions, including ADHD. Reiki is based on the idea that an individual’s lifeforce energy, sometimes called “ki” or “chi”, plays a role in his or her physical and mental condition. Physical and/or mental problems develop when this energy is blocked and unable to flow freely. The purpose of Reiki is to unleash this energy and restore a healthy flow in order to promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
During a Reiki session, the practitioner typically places his or her hands over the client in specific positions to encourage energy flow. The practitioner may also touch the client gently during the process.
About PSYCH-K, EFT and Emotion Code 
Negative self- limiting beliefs and the stuck energy of unprocessed negative emotions are recognized as barriers to success in a person’s life and may also play a part in diseases, anxiety and pain. But only about 5% of our thoughts are considered by neuroscience to be conscious, within the field of our waking awareness. The other 95% of our thoughts occur in our subconscious and it is the subconscious that is the source of most of our self-limiting beliefs and “programs”. With this understanding of what influences most of our day to day ideas, beliefs, and decisions, we can now make a big difference in turning things around. I use PSYCH-K, EFT and Emotion Code to re-tune and reprogram the unwanted subconscious energy. These techniques are non invasive, powerful and proven to be effective. 

BEMER Sessions                              $15.00 sold separately

                                                           Package of 10 sessions   –    $115


Energy Assessment (ELI)           Computerized Assessment and Debrief   –   $275

This is a powerful tool to optimize your coaching sessions but also useful as a stand alone.


Integrative Life Coaching            3 sessions   (45 min – 1 hour)   –   $150

                                                           10 session within 4 consecutive months   –   $400


Reiki                                                  Each session $70 (1 hour)


PSYCH-K                                           First session 90 minutes   –   $90      

                                                          Each follow up session ( 1 hour )   –   $50

                                                          Package of 3 follow up sessions   –   $120


Add coaching sessions to Reiki, PSYCH-K or BEMER (Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulator)

Wednesdays 1:30pm – 7pm

Saturdays 9am – 1:30pm

It is with great pleasure that I offer a solid recommendation for Carla Geddes as a Life Coach and/or Certified PSYCH-K facilitator. Carla has the ability to meet her client where they are, remove self-limiting beliefs and help them move forward to achieve goals or make necessary changes in their life. Carla is a a bright, encouraging spirit who is a delight to be around and work with. Her love of life and learning is infectious.

~Donna P. Hetrick,

Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Blood Chemistry Analyst



“Carla is a fantastic coach and trainer. I have hired Carla to provide coaching and supervision of new coaches. Always rave reviews! People love working with her because of her passion for coaching and ability to generate results. I have no hesitation about hiring Carla for personal or professional coaching.”

~Karla Reiss, Award-winning author of Leadership Coaching for Educators: Bringing Out the Best in School Administrators and Be a CHANGEMASTER



Carla’s warm and caring style provided a safe place for me to open up in.

~ Annie, VT



Carla’s choice of career as a coach is a gift to all of us who desire a life of health, balance and authenticity.

~ Dr.C. M.D, Washington DC



I would certainly and without hesitation recommend Carla as a coach to anyone who would like to lead their life optimally.

~ Jane, NY



Something special to know about Carla is that she chooses to work in coaching because her heart is there.

~   Lydia, VA



Carla, So many people only do what they have to do to get by, but you have gone the extra mile.

~ Linda, SC



As a professional, it is hard for me to discuss my privte affairs in the office. Carla was the safe sounding board and objective listener who asked the illuminating questions I needed to move ahead. She is excellent.

~ Jen, CO


Carla’s coaching was life altering. I now see the world in a whole new way.

~ Patti, NY