Effectively Using Facebook to Build Clientele Without Paying for Ads

There are many ways to engage your current clientele and potentially reach new clients using Facebook other than utilization of Facebook advertisements.  Facebook is an excellent tool in keeping your clients engaged through posts about your business’ events as well as sharing pertinent information with your clients about health-related issues, exercise trends, recipes, diets and even non-massage related posts such as posts about your personal life.

Building Your Page’s “Likes”

To increase the number clients who like your Facebook page, encourage new clients to check-in to your business or like your page.  This suggestion could be added to your welcome letters, your website and even to your email signature.

Facebook advertisements can also be utilized to increase your page’s numbers of likes, but before proceeding with this option it is important to consider whether or not you will see a strong enough return on investment to warrant such a decision.  Many third-party vendors will offer the option of paying for Facebook likes but, again it is important to analyze whether or not that is a financially wise decision.  Facebook may not be the most profitable form of marketing for your business, so letting the popularity of your page grow on its own over time may be the best course of action with this marketing endeavor.

Keeping Your Audience Interested and Engaged

So what is the best way to use your Facebook page to boost your business?  One great way to produce results with your Facebook business page is to use it to keep your clients engaged.  This simply means inviting past and present clients to like your page and then sharing personal and professional anecdotes to remind your clients that you are there.

Post information that is industry-specific as well as information that is light-hearted and in good spirit.  Refrain from posting religious or political opinion or offensive material.  Don’t be afraid to share the latest news pertaining to your business, specials or promotions and healthcare tips, but avoid ONLY sharing business-related material.  Of course, Facebook business pages can also be used to let your clients know of any current or upcoming specials, as well as last-minute openings due to cancellations or inclement weather.

Other great pieces of information to share with your clients are tips on how to improve posture and ergonomics, interesting articles that pertain to physical health, healthy recipes, or nutritional information from trusted sources.

For more tips on good posts to share, visit the Minds on Massage Pinterest page.  There is a specific board titled “Engage Your Clients” dedicated to this subject.  Other boards such as “Anatomy,” “Clean Eating,” “Conditions,” and many others have great information you can share with your clients to keep them engaged.

Let your clients get to know you and your employees.  Don’t be afraid to announce big life events such as engagements, pregnancies, marriages or other personal or professional milestones.  This allows your clients to see you and your employees beyond the client/therapist business relationship.

Since Facebook is a downtime activity for many users, and a social network, another great way to boost your page’s visibility is to request that your audience share your posts.  Discounts and specials are always a great way to increase the likelihood that someone will share your posts.

Create Excitement with Games, Contests and Giveaways

Many businesses attract new clients and keep current clients engaged by creating games or offering giveaways.  A truly great example of utilizing Facebook to generate fun and excitement among viewers is I Am Salon and Day Spa of Wilmington, North Carolina.  They offer various sessions, packages and makeovers as prizes for Facebook winners who simply fill out a quick form, which is also a great way to capture even more email addresses for future marketing endeavors.

I Am Salon and Day Spa also offers free sessions to winners of their “musical chairs game,” which has attracted thousands of comments, page likes, post likes and shares through their past endeavors.  In this game, the salon posts the prize and “starts the music.”  When the music stops, the last person to have commented, shared or liked the post wins the prize.

Other businesses have offered prizes to entice viewers to like their page or write reviews.  The business will write a post stating that once their Facebook page reaches a certain number of likes or once they reach a certain number of reviews a winner will be chosen for a specific prize.

Always remember to follow through with your campaigns and choose your winner at random.  Failure to do so can create a bad name for your business in a campaign that was designed to increase your business.

Posting: How Much is Too Much?

While you want to keep your audience engaged and remind them to frequent your business, it is important to ensure that you are not spamming your clients via your business’s page. Overwhelming your clients with constant posts from your business can inflict the opposite desired reaction, causing viewers to unlike your page or hide your posts from their newsfeed.

A great way to avoid this is to keep variety in your posts. Avoid only posting about specials or openings by sharing personal information, thoughts, amusing comic strips or memes, or industry-specific articles.  A good number of business posts is approximately 3-5 per week IF there is pertinent information to share.  It is better to stay silent than post things your clients may not find interesting or useful.

There are many ways to utilize Facebook to promote your business.  However, just like with any marketing campaign it is important to do some research as to who your target audience is and what the network is most utilized for by viewers.  Keeping the information specific to your clients’ needs, sharing vital information and tips and making it fun for viewers is a great way to attract new clients and entice existing clients to return.


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